how to generate traffic on website: 5 Best sites to get website traffic

Every blogger once thinks about how they can get more traffic to their website. Some of them even have high quality unique articles and posts that aren't even indexed and so they cannot get any website traffic from search engines.

That is why, they want more and more traffic in their website. Because, everyone knows that if a site has no traffic, it will never generate any revenue. In this post, we will be discussing about how you can generate traffic on your website. To be specific, we will learn how to get direct traffic.

This is more like paid traffic except you don't have to pay for your website traffic. The traffic we will be getting will be 100% authentic and human traffic, no bots.

how to generate traffic on website

No. 01) Use social media as your #1 traffic source

how to generate traffic on website

If you really want to get immediate traffic to your website, you can use social medias like facebook, whatsapp, pinterest, twitter etc to get free traffic.

You can post a portion of your blog in these social networks and upload your thumbnail to drive traffic. These tend to work well as the audience want to learn more about what your article is about if you post it in the right platform and page.

How to get free traffic from YouTube

To get traffic from Youtube, you must at first have a YouTube account and have videos in that account. If you have your own videos along with topics that have some traffic, you can put some contents on your website and tell them to visit your site.

But, you have to rank your videos at first if you want to get traffic from YouTube. To rank your website, you can do your part of keyword research and put videos in that keyword.

When you rank in Youtube search, you will obviously get more views. You can redirect these views to your website if you link them to your site. Again, YouTube has their own monetization policy and if you follow them, you can monetize your videos.

YouTube is also considered to be a search engine for videos. So, you are actually getting free organic traffic from YouTube. This is how you can get traffic from Youtube.

How to get traffic from Facebook

Facebook is a little different than YouTube as you can post both your content as well as videos in this platform. But you need reach to get views on this platform.

You can use your own tags, ones you think are best for attracting your audience and put your content. You can even post them in different pages.

Because, pages and groups on Facebook tend to have a lot of genuine followers who need content. If you have the correct contents you need, you can easily get traffic from Facebook.

Besides, getting traffic from Facebook is not that hard as you can share your content directly to your profile. You can even give your website link to your friends using Facebook.

 No. 02) Use as your traffic source

how to get website traffic is a large question-and-answer platform that has at least 1 billion views per month. So, you can image the traffic you can get from this website. To get traffic from Quora easily, you can use these following steps.

Create an Informative Quora Profile:

To use quora as your traffic source, start by setting up a Quora profile that reflects your expertise and the topics related to your website. You can use a professional photo and write a compelling bio in your profile so that viewers can know more about what you do and what your website is about.

Identify topics related to your website:

Search for topics on Quora that are relevant to your website's niche or topic. Follow these topics and spaces to stay updated on questions and discussions. You will get e-mails about what are trending in your feed. So, you can just check your feed for relevant topics of your site and answer accordingly.

Answer Questions Thoughtfully:

Look for questions related to your niche and provide high-quality, informative answers. Make sure your answers add value and genuinely help the asker. Also, include links to relevant articles or pages on your website when it's appropriate and adds value to the answer.

No. 03) Use Reddit as your traffic source

how to get website traffic

Reddit is also a very powerful website that has a lot of users. So, it is possible to get some traffic from reddit to your website. You can follow the given steps to get traffic from reddit.

Choose the Right Subreddits:

Identify subreddits that are relevant to your website's niche or the content you want to promote. Each subreddit has its rules and guidelines, so be sure to read and follow them.

Also, do not do any spammy behaviour or, you may even get kicked out from subreddits and it won't make a good impression on your profile.

Become a Genuine Member:

Before promoting your website, become an active and genuine member of the subreddit community. Engage in discussions, provide valuable insights, and follow subreddit etiquette.

Create High-Quality Content

Share content from your website that genuinely adds value to the subreddit. It could be a blog post, infographic, video, or any other relevant content. The main thing you need to keep in mind is that you don't want to link irrelevant pages of your websites to any subreddits posts.

Remember that Reddit users can be critical of blatant self-promotion. The key is to offer value to the community while promoting your website subtly and respectfully. By becoming a respected member of relevant subreddits and sharing high-quality content, you can leverage Reddit as a valuable traffic source for your website.

No. 04) Use medium as your traffic source

how to get 100k traffic on website

Medium is another website for bloggers like us where you can publish your unique content to grab the attention of your visitors or audience. Whether you're a blogger, marketer, or business owner, understanding how to leverage Medium effectively can drive valuable traffic to your website or blog.

Create Compelling Content:

The foundation of success on Medium begins with your content. High-quality, informative, and engaging articles are more likely to get noticed and shared. Focus on topics that resonate with your target audience and provide real value.

Also, try to publish contents that are relevant to your website so that you can backlink it.

Optimize Your Profile

Your Medium profile is your digital identity. Make it compelling and informative. Use a professional photo, write an engaging bio, and include links to your website and social media profiles. This creates a path for readers to discover more of your work and more about who you are.

Build a following on lets its writers to build a following as well as interacting with other writers and publications. You can inspire other writers about their writing, follow them & get followed in

This way, when you discuss about your website, they will surely come and visit it and tell their audience more about your website.

Join publications & use relevant tags on has a lot of publications where audience follow the publications as well as the publishers or writers. You can join one or more than one of these publications to spread your audience reach.

After you have written an article or story on, it will ask you to give your article some relevant tags so that it's algorithm can rank your article according to its value. So, make sure you have given your articles some tags that audience are currently searching.

No. 5) Use Pinterest as your traffic source

how to get 100k traffic on website

Pinterest is a website that a lot of bloggers underestimate even though it is a very useful website. Because, unlike other website, pinterest does not let you post your article on pinterest.

You might be wondering how it is good for blogger. The reason it has so much of a value to bloggers is because, you can share your unique images on pinterest and gain visitors.

For using pinterest, you need to at first create a account and make sure that you link your website in your profile so that your audience can know in which website you publish your articles.

Then, you can share your article photos on pinterest or, copy your articles url or web address and let pinterest detect images on your website. You can even manually upload your images and later put alt text of your image along with your website link or URL.

Using alt text is very important as it is the very text that makes your images rank on Google. Also, if you are publishing your images through your web link or URL, make sure it already has alt text in it or it won't reach your desired audience.

Questions that have been frequently searched in Google

Question: How can I get traffic without paying ads?

Answer: There are a lot of websites where you can get free traffic even without paying anything for ads. You can use 'paid to click' sites and get coins and then exchange those coins for your own ads. This is a very good strategy for getting free web traffic.

Another good strategy is if you use social sites like facebook, youtube,, pinterest and other websites to get traffic for free.

Question: How to get 100k traffic on website?

Answer: Getting 100,000 monthly visitors is not that tough if you work hard enough for your website. You can follow some steps for getting at least 100k traffic on your site.

1. Create high quality content on your website to make sure users don't leave your site once they enter.

2. Do your keyword research and learn which keywords have more and more traffic. Target keywords with at least 100,000 monthly visitors.

3. Make sure you increase your website's page along with domain authority. Increasing da and pa can help you in ranking.

4. Do guest blogging on other websites and link your website in that post to make sure your visitors go to your site to learn more about that topic.

Question: How can I get traffic without SEO?

Answer: You can follow some steps to increase your monthly web traffic without SEO.

1. Do content marketing for your website to increase its traffic.

2. Run paid ads for your website so that other sites promote your website first.

3. Link relevant websites so that google and other search engines know what topic to rank your website into.

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