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When you generate your disclaimer page, generated from our Disclaimer generator, you agree to our terms and conditions.

How to use our Free Disclaimer Generator Tool

 Provide your website name in the first box of our Disclaimer Generator

• Provide your website url or, link in our generator so that we can generate a valid Disclaimer page.

• Provide your valid email adress so that anyone can contact you if they need it.

Click on 'Generate Code' button.

• Click on 'Click to Copy' button.

Paste the provided code on your blogger or wordpress html page. Name the page ' Disclaimer '.

• If you are on blogger, please create a page and edit your page on 'Html mode'. Now, simply paste the copied code.

Disclaimer Generator

A disclaimer page may mean just a page for some people. But, it actually worths a lot. Because, it can save you from loss of money and many other things.

Making a disclaimer page sounds like quite easy. But, it is very complicated. So, you need to think a lot about the site you are using for Generating your Disclaimer page.

By creating a disclaimer page through a Disclaimer Generator, you are informing your website visitors about your contents and you are also reminding them they agree to your Terms and services.

How to Write a Disclaimer: A Handy Guide for Bloggers

disclaimer page generator

For writing a valid Disclaimer page all by yourself, you must use the following headings:

Disclaimer For 'Your website name'

• Disclaimers For 'Your website name'

• Consent

• Update

Disclaimer For 'Your website name:

Under this heading, you have to write that if your visitors have to know any other informations, they need to contact to your email. For example: sifatblogger@gmail.com or, contact@sifatblogger.cyou ( if you have custom domain with custom email address )

Disclaimers For 'Your website name':

In this paragraph, you will write the disclaimer for your website. You can also check out my disclaimer page if you need any help writing a disclaimer page or, writing this paragraph.

At first, write that website is published for good fair and for general information only (If your website really is). If your site gives warranties about the completeness, reliability and accuracy of this information about your Disclaimer page or, not. If your site is or, might be liable for any damage, you need to write it down on your disclaimer page.

Now, make another paragraph and write for which reason, your website is liable and for which reasons your Website is not to be blamed.


Copy and paste the following paragraph for consent.

'By using our website, you hereby consent to our disclaimer and agree to its terms.'


If you update any posts or, anything in your website, then you need to write it down on your disclaimer page. Give them your email so that, they can contact you if they think that something is wrong on your site. 

Why do you need a Disclaimer page?

Guys, if you are asking the same question, then I want to tell you that, it is a very essential page for your website. If you want to take Google adsense approval, then you obviously need a disclaimer page. So, generate your Disclaimer page now.

On the other hand, you can show that you have already posted your disclaimers in case of any accidents or, money loss. But, it will still be your responsibility if you did not update your Disclaimer page. So, in that case, you cannot blame your viewers in any kind of accidents or, money loss in your website. And, it is obviously a big thing. Even if you are an app developer, you need to follow this rule.

Why use Free Disclaimer Generator by Kabbonime?

Guys, I have seen a lot of websites that generate an invalid Disclaimer page. Some of them don't even mention some important things. So, if you don't want any loss, you will need to generate from our Disclaimer Page generator.

But, if you think that someone else is giving you a better Disclaimer page generator, you can obviously use his/her generator. So, it is your choice. But, make sure that they have some valid points and you are giving your correct information.

 Facts and Questions asked about our free Disclaimer generator, Disclaimer Creator, Disclaimer maker tool

Question: How do I make my own disclaimer?

Answer: In your disclaimer, make sure it talks about all the problems your product or service might cause. Tell people about any dangers or things that could go wrong. List some of these risks, but also say that there could be more. For instance, you can write something like, "Warning: Things might go wrong." or "Notice of Risk" etc.

Question: What is an example of a disclaimer clause?

Answer: A disclaimer clause is a statement that says you're not responsible for certain things. For example, in a fitness app, there might be a clause that says the app isn't a substitute for professional medical advice. It means the app doesn't replace a doctor's advice. This protects the app maker from legal trouble if someone relies on the app instead of going to a doctor. So, a disclaimer clause is like a warning to users about what the product or service can and can't do.

Question: Can you copy a disclaimer?

Answer: Yes, you can copy someone else's disclaimer. But, that would not be very unique or, the contents that the copied website publishes might not be the same as yours. That is why, it is better to either create your own disclaimer page or use the "Disclaimer Generator by Kabbonime".

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